Expert Roundup: How to Find and Keep Long-Term Clients


Clients who stick around and need content on a consistent basis are the best ones to have. For one thing, they provide you with regular writing assignments, so you’re not always worrying about where you’ll get your next paycheck. Additionally,… Continue Reading


Oni’s Inspiring Story: How This Nigerian Writer Built a Successful Online Business from Scratch


When Nigerian writer and blogger Bamidele Onibalusi started his online business in 2009, he had limited funds and no access to electricity, let alone an Internet connection. Throw in the fact that he’s from Nigeria, a country known for Internet… Continue Reading


How to Find Freelance Writing Clients: 5 Resources to Tap Into


While inbound marketing is certainly an effective strategy for freelance writers, it isn’t always an option when: a) You’re not established enough to attract the right clients; or b) You need paid work now and don’t have time to wait… Continue Reading


3 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Chances of Landing That Gig (and What to Do Instead)

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.51.20 AM

Embed from Getty Images As someone who wears a lot of content hats (i.e. freelance writer/editor/content marketer/content strategist etc.), I’ve sent and received several LOIs and emails to potential clients. I’ve been on both sides of the writer–client relationship, and… Continue Reading